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(Zetsumame) Yandere Reimu and Crying Marisa

Another edit, by me, i found this one to edit while looking at danbooru on the “yandere” tag, also, more projects and stuff coming up, and sorry for the lack of updates and edits… Enjoy! Advertisements

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(Giselebon) A Little Misunderstanding

This little edit may be a little of foreshadowing… It depends on whenether i continue the other thing or not… Well, anyway… Enjoy!

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(Seal) Spoiler Warning

(Seal) Spoiler Warning 13 Pages A rather… Emotive work that even though i only edited about 4 pages… It-s worth reading… I hope you like it… Mediafire

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What has been going on!

Sorry i haven’t uploaded in a while, but… it might be that way in some time, since i have the conection in my house has been cut down because of… lack of payment… but that doesn’t means i will stop … Continue reading

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(Mochiya Marosuke) Sexual Habits of the Moriya Goddesses

A really funny one by Mochiya Marosuke… I have a feeling that this guy will get more edits from my part… Enjoy!

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(Inukoro) MeiSaku in the SDM

This one is was a tough one too just for the reason that i wanted to keep a similar style in the text balloons… Enjoy!

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(Unya) Don’t Forget Your Innocence/Unknowing

(Unya) Don’t forget your innocence 6 Pages… (I only had to edit one) A very cute story with the cute couple that is YuYukari that includes some mochi… Mediafire And… (Unya) Unknowing 8 Pages… (This one was a tough one…) … Continue reading

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